Sunday 2 February 2014

Oven-Baked Asian Wings

One of my favourite wing recipes. Be generous with that Asian spice mix. These are similar to honey garlic wings, but gingery instead of garlicky.

3 pounds wings, tip removed
1/4 cup agave nectar
2 tablespoons GF oyster sauce
1/2 teaspoon mustard powder
Heavy sprinkle of Asian seasoning

Line a rimmed baking sheet with foil and generously coat with non-stick spray.
Place the wings on the baking sheet and sprinkle both sides heavily with Asian spice mix
Place in a preheated 425 degree Fahrenheit oven and bake until cooked through and no longer pink in the middle, about 20 to 25 minutes depending on thickness of wings, checking every ten minutes and turn over to make sure they do not stick.
Turn the broiler on and broil the wings for 2 minutes, or until skin is nice and crispy and a lovely golden colour.
Whisk together the agave nectar, oyster sauce and ground mustard; add the wings and toss to coat.
Pour the wings and sauce onto the baking sheet and broil 2 to 3 minutes each side, until golden brown and crispy and sauce sticks to the wings.

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